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My son loves this! At 14 months, he might be a little young to understand the counting, but I think it is great exposure and a good place to start. And I love the voices, too!


My 5 yr old has loved it for a while and now she has switched it to Spanish mode to learn even more.

Okay, but needs more content.

I bought this for my 2 1/2yr old son. He enjoyed opening all the doors and was ready to move onto the next level.....only there is no next level. The app is about 15mins worth of fun until you must keep repeating the same loop.

The "fishy game" is our favorite!

This has been my 3 year old's favorite for months. We love this one!

Elegant and Effective

Love using this app with my toddler :)

2 year old loves it

This app is super cute and fun and my 2 year old loves it. There are fun surprises when you click on the animals and the new ending is adorable. My daughter never tires of seeing the clam with the mustache.

Used to love this

My 3 year old loved this. But for the past 3 months when you try to open the app it instantly crashes. I wish I had my 99 cents back.

Outstanding App & Developer

Everything about this app is fun and cute. My 3 year old has loved it ever since it bought it many months ago. I've had a little interaction with the company on the service side and that has been fantastic. For fun, cuteness, great toddler interaction with counting, learning and creativity, this is a perfect app. 5 out of 5

My Daughter is Crazy About this App

My daughter is three, and of all the children's apps she's tried, this is by far her favorite. She asks for "the fish and music one" whenever she picks up my phone, and she has learned to find it herself. She is really into the musical sounds of all the creatures, and definitely jams on them like she is playing an instrument. Also, the sounds do not bug me when she is playing, because I like them too! This app is top notch.

Very nice

My kids loves it.

App does not open.

the application does not open in my Ipod. if there was a compatibility problem the vendor should have prevented the download. It is very frustrating. I have tried to contact the vendor and apple and nobody takes responsibility. It is a shame!

Grandmother/Former School Principal

Splish Splash Inn is a great game-fun and educational. It has become the go to game for my 4 granddaughters.

Count on it!

This app is a true gem. Fun, educational and musical to boot. The playful interactive element is perhaps my favorite aspect, in which one can play little tunes by tapping all the wonderfully drawn characters. I truly love it! My 7 year old niece always requests to play it when she see's me.

Splish Splash Inn Saved This Aunties Life!

Splish Splash Inn was a lifesaver while babysitting my 18 month-old niece Lucy who is very attached to her mama. The electric eels were particularly fun, and she kept trying to kiss the clams. So cute! Lucy soon forgot that her mother had left the building - and she was learning at the same time.

Not worth 99 cents.

It only teaches the child to count to ten. Needs more activities.

Love it!

Highly recommended. Great to play together with your kids! The starfish are our favorites!


My 16 month old loves it! The illustrations and music enthrall him. He never tires of tapping on those doors!

Happy as a clam!

I play this game constantly with my nieces and nephews, and they can't get enough. The art is fantastic, really great imagery and art direction on this one, something adults can appreciate as much as kids. I'm really impressed with all the little details (the sound effects kids can control, making their own little jingles, as well as the way kids can control the movement of the animals). Great interactivity to keep the kids engaged, it's a fun a well-thought out app. Highly recommended!


Great number concepts and user interaction. Beautiful art and music too!

A very smart app.

Beautifully drawn with great educational content.

Exceptional and Fun!

Splish Splash Inn is SO MUCH FUN for ALL AGES! Can't wait to learn the names of all the creatures in Spanish and French! It is the type of game that children will want to play over and over because there are so many possibilities! The artwork is beautiful and the children's voices add so much! I highly recommend it to all parents!

Thank You Shortstack!

This is a wonderful, fun way to practice counting and also be introduced to other languages. My daughter loves the "shocking" eel!!!

Splish Splash Inn

My 18 month old daughter really loves this application. I highly recommend it.

Much more than just a counting app

One of the things that makes this app exceptional is that it's self paced. Your child can explore each scene and interact with the underwater life by moving them with her finger or by tilting the screen. Also, bumping the creatures around makes all manner of musical noises and sound effects that entertain and also let your little one make music. Head and shoulders above similar apps. Recommended.

Jellyfish! Mantra Rays! & Eels! Oh my!

I didn't know how to say "Mantra Rays" in French before this app. Great visuals, engaging sounds, especially love the voice of the little kid, perfect! Sure to edutain youngsters (and oldies)! Great stuff!

Fun and Entertaining Teaching tool

Great app. Beautiful art and clever concept for introducing kids to numbers and sea creatures in 3 different languages. Extremely easy to use.

Beautifully simple & fun -- my kid loves it!

This is great app for little kids getting started with counting. Fun and engaging for the little ones. Very well done.

Awesome learning game!

My 2 year old daughter loves this! The artwork is beautiful and the game is a lot of fun. I definitely recommend it to those parents looking for a high quality app for their kids.

Splish Splash Inn

My daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old and she LOVES Splish Splash Inn. Finally, a beautifully simple game that allows my daughter to dictate her own pace and learn how to count in the process. She also loves the sounds the animals make when she taps them. Her favorite animal is the starfish. When they come out on the screen, she likes to give them kisses! Can't wait to see more from ShortStack. Thank you!

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